Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lampin around in the DFLF

A nice Alaskan let me borrow his vehicle to a nearby camping spot. I saw the aurora borealis last night and it was awesome!!!! I also have been reading a state guide that tells me Alaska is the "Dead F***ing Last Frontier" or " "DFLF" for short, which, I found was odd.



  1. That is really cool. The whole northern lights part that is. DFLF thats cool too.

  2. Seth, we should hang out and go wrestle some polar bears, or harpooon some whales. Fresh muktuk always hits the spot, especailly after a long run (or dog mush).
    -Matt Adams-

  3. Matthew--when you say muktuk, all I can think about is that night back in Bozeman last year when we searched the Net for a solid hour looking for eskimo videos. All you have to do is move that bottom jaw out!

  4. haha that was the night that we watched smoke signals!
    Dan Jackson