Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Interview You've All Been Waiting For...

There's been a lot of crazy rumors about what kind of shape Seth is in, what he has been up to in the U.K., and his take on the royal wedding. Luckily I am a close friend and talk to him almost on a daily basis, so I figured I should interview him for the blog. I sat down with him in his London apartment last Sunday fresh off of his bachelor party with Prince William.

Sethoughts: First things first, several sources have said you are not doing the Glacier Challenge this year. Are you out of shape? Can you even run a 10k under 40 minutes?

Seth: That's a lot of questions, Sethoughts! I'll address your first question. Those are wild accusations. I am not in the best shape, but that's only because I'm not racing. I just ran 11 miles the other day and barely broke a sweat. I am opting out of the Glacier Challenge because it is an insult to lose to older less athletic people in faster kayaks and canoes every year. As much as I love Glacier Bank as the main sponsor, they have failed to prepare the teams for the highly competitive water legs each year. Currently, I plan to run in the 10k of the 2011 Whitefish Lake Run. It will be a good warm-up for my summer training of 90 mile weeks.

Sethoughts: Are you worried that your teammates back in Bozeman will treat you with disrespect when you arrive back in the states?

Seth: I love my teammates and Kevin, but they have a tendency to be jerks on Thursdays anyway, so there will be little surprise there.

Sethoughts: Tell us about Prince William's Bachelor Party. Was it as amazing as the wedding?

Seth: We barely made it to the wedding because Bill, I mean Prince William, disappeared on us the night before. We all woke up in Buckingham Palace not knowing where to even start to look. But after a few hours of detective work (I hooked up with Kate Middleton's sister, Pippy. How crazy is that?!) and determination (a few minutes from calling off the search altogether, actually) we found him wandering Parliament in his underwear. We gave him a Redbull, changed into our Prince suits on top of a double-decker bus, and showed up in the nick of time.

Sethoughts: Wow! That sounds intense! You've been away from your roommates Andrew and Carl for awhile now, is there anything you miss about living with them?

Seth: No.

Sethoughts: The MSU team has really gelled since you left in January. Do you think you will still get the coveted 'Team Captain' position next fall? What would be your first decision?

Seth: It's really up in the air right now, I guess. But IF I were to somehow be so lucky, I would definitely implement my shave-when-you-PR rule, or SWYPR for short. Each member of the team would set a time to run under and then when they break it during season, they are then allowed to shave their head (or face if they want to be a sissy about it). I haven't fully worked out the kinks. We all would shave our heads before the conference meet in case there is anyone still with a full head of hair left.

Sethoughts: Are you sure you can even make them do something so stupid like that?

Seth: Listen, when I'm captain I will be an unstoppable force. Who do you think you are calling my rules stupid? You're stupid! What kind of a moronic name is 'Sethoughts'?

Sethoughts: I am just asking something that I think the majority of the team would question. There's no need to get worked up over it.

Seth: That's it. This interview is over.

At that point in the interview, Seth had security escort me to the lobby. I attempted to contact him several times to reschedule the rest of the interview, but he did not return any of calls. I will update the readers of the blog when I am able to talk with him.

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