Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Road to Recovery

First off, I want a make a shout-out to the MSU track team for putting up a CLUTCH performance on Friday night. Looks like everyone posted some PB's or close to it. Keep up the good work!*

*Except Kevin. Listen, Kev, I know you have been sandbaggin' in workouts till the last 400m rep and then try and go toenail-to-toenail with Pat. No one is impressed, so just stop it right now. I mean it. Do the full workouts each time and then maybe by the end of the season in a super windy snowstorm when Pat isn't feelin it....THEN and only then can you show off your chops.


In other news, I have visited the Exeter Track club and jumped into a ladder workout 400m-600m-800m-800m-600m-400m. I'm not in Alistair Cragg shape, but I'm slowly but surely getting there. And wouldn't you know it, there's a Dan on the Exeter team as well. That's about as exciting as the jam on my cream tea.

On the topic of food, I will try and record a "Cooking with Uncle Seth" segment each week to show you what I'm eating over hear in GB. It isn't really a radical change from typical American food, but you guys get as excited about facebook threads as Brits do over deep-fried eggs, so I know a video of SOMETHING will get a verbose response.

So stay tuned for something later in the week. Do some sub-rattin for me too, I miss it dearly



  1. Woah woah woah Seth. I do not sandbag workouts. If anybody sandbags workouts its Pat. He was the only one not hitting his 800s at mile pace today.

  2. I can testify to that one, although I was not in their workout, I did hear DK say Pat went through at a 2:02 800...that doesn't equate to his latest mile. However, I did like the little Kev vs. Pat on the last 300, followed by Dan vs. Jarrod. That goes to prove there is that sandbaggin competition there...he did win Kev!

    As per the rest of your post, please do another post in the future on the compare/contrast of both Dans: the one you use to know and run with and the NEW Dan you run with. If I find another Andrew on campus, I'll do the same. That is all.